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  • Executive Officer and CFO Hattori, how did he join SHIFT and what are his aspirations as CFO?

    In his career at Recruit, he was transferred to Indeed. For the reason that he has experienced the performance growth phase that SHIFT will be traversing in the coming years, he has taken upon this role in SHIFT.

  • Why did gross profit improve during Q3 FY08/2021?

    Results recovered due to improvements in utilization ratio and ongoing increases in unit prices for engineers.

  • What are SHIFT’s thoughts on the guidelines for FY08/2022?

    We plan to prepare them according to usual policies. We don’t intend to include M&A projects that usually have a lot of uncertain elements in the guidelines.

  • What is the main business of DICO Co., Ltd?

    DICO is engaged primarily in localization and game development services. By collaborating with more than 200 native speakers of various languages, DICO’s localization business provides quality language reflecting the “current” cultural context in each country and region. In the game development business, DICO adequately implements quality language into games by efficiently managing original and translated texts in the development process. The company name DICO is an acronym for “Developers for International Communication.” DICO’s goal is to continue to provide Japanese entertainment that the entire world can enjoy.
    Please take a look at our IR releases for details, including last fiscal year’s sales.

  • What is purpose of the capital and business alliance with Fez Inc.?

    Fez Inc. requires system development in order to realize future growth acceleration. Therefore, we entered a capital and business alliance in order to realize this further growth together as partners. In addition to being able to handle system development and testing that Fez needs, SHIFT will also provide services in the realm of “creating sellable services.” As such, the two companies decided to enter a capital and business alliance. As a partner, SHIFT believes that we can provide integrated services as well as systems development, and having entered into a capital and business alliance will accept such projects.

  • What is Positive Impact Finance?

    Positive Impact Finance is a loan product that conforms to the Principles of Positive Impact Finance and the Model Framework (financial products for companies that do not specify the use of funds), that comprehensively analyzes and evaluates the impact of corporate business activities on the environment, society, and the economy (both positive and negative impact) in the field of ESG. Utilizing Positive Impact Finance, SHIFT procured 7 billion yen.
    Toward boosting its growth, SHIFT has set its growth strategy, “SHIFT 1000,” which aims at ¥100 billion of net sales. In pursuing it, SHIFT has been strategically acquiring businesses to expand and enrich its service portfolio. By having a wide range of service functions, SHIFT aims to be able to address any kinds of issues faced by its customers and realize a “smart society” that includes solving the social issues. This initiative has been lauded and SHIFT has accepted this designation for Positive Impact Finance.
    By implementing M&A activities utilizing Positive Impact Finance, SHIFT will further work to grow the business as a group and to expand the provision of social value. Please see the links for details.

  • What is the purpose of the capital and business alliance with Gurunavi?

    In addition to being able to handle system development and testing that Gurunavi desires, SHIFT will also provide services in the realm of “creating sellable services.” As such, the two companies decided to enter a capital and business alliance in which SHIFT will accept such projects.
    Furthermore, SHIFT will thoroughly cooperate with Gurunavi in building its service platform, from planning and designing to development and testing. Specifically, Gurunavi has set the purpose of capital use that it raised as followings:
    1. The launch of third-party delivery services
    2. The establishment and enhancement of mobile order services
    3. The establishment and enhancement of services to support placing/receiving orders of food
    4. The improvement of the functions of software tests (quality control)
    In response, SHIFT will provide both “DAAE” and “quality assurance” services, set a steering committee including top management of both companies, and commit to realizing DX in the restaurant industry.
    Please see the links for details.

  • Why did the unit price for engineers increase during Q3 FY08/2021?

    It increased primarily due to our strengthening services and PMI.

  • What sort of customer do you consider to be a loyal customer?

    The “loyal customer” we spoke of in the Q3 FY08/2021 earnings materials is a customer whom we have been regularly doing business with throughout the year since the last fiscal year (FY08/2020) or earlier. They make up approximately 26% of all companies but 83% of all sales, thus forming a stable earnings foundation. We will deliberate sales strategies, one of which is to focus on increasing the number of loyal customers.