Social Media Policy

As we accelerate our recruiting activity and services improvement for further business growth, we actively utilize social media to transmit information to the public as part of our PR/IR, recruiting and marketing activities.

Official Social Media Accounts of SHIFT (As of May 2020)

To Social Media Users

  • Statements or opinions from employees of SHIFT on social media other than official accounts listed above does not necessarily reflect views of SHIFT.
  • SHIFT will not be liable or responsible for any comments left by users to official accounts of SHIFT within social media.
  • SHIFT will not basically reply comments left on posts made by official accounts of SHIFT.
  • SHIFT asks users to refrain from leaving comments on official accounts of SHIFT, which contains any of the following:
    • Anything which could identify, disclose or leak personal information without permission from the person concerned.
    • Anything which could disgrade or dishonor SHIFT or a third party.
    • Anything which could violate a copyright, right of privacy, or intellectual property of SHIFT or a third party
    • Anything which could be against laws or public order or morals
  • SHIFT may delete the post, in some cases.
  • Contact us if there are any questions about our services or others from the link below.

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