Corporate Philosophy

“We seek out new value concepts and work sincerely to provide value to the world.”
Governments collect taxes from the people and channel funds to public welfare. This is called “redistribution of wealth.” On the other hand, we think there is also another side to this social structure: companies make profits and contribute to the society in the form of taxes, and also create businesses and services to satisfy the basic needs of society. To do so, it is necessary to bring together the best brains and convert their knowledge into services that satisfy humanity. We believe that the talent a person is born with shapes his or her ability to a great extent. In reality, not everyone is a born genius. To compensate for the imbalance, we believe people who are innately talented should work 10 times or 100 times harder for our society. Their talent is not theirs alone but belongs to everybody. We think of this concept as the “redistribution of knowledge.” SHIFT brings together this sort of talented people. Our aim is to leverage their expertise to create the products and services the world needs, making a valuable contribution to the world. To do so, we want to ensure SHIFT continues to grow.