Intellectual Property

SHIFT launched a software testing business, with “disassembling jobs” and “systemizing” cultivated through its consulting business for the manufacturing industry. SHIFT believes that the intellectual property, such as patents and trademarks, acquired by SHIFT as described below are the results of such “systemizing.

Registration Number Date of Registration Trademark Name/Title of the Invention
Patent rights acquired
5787404 2015/8/7 Apparatus and program for generating test specifications of a computer program
6755537 2020/8/28 Managing RPA application management data in a block chain
6755538 2020/8/28 Processing without coding from codes that can display a design conforming to UML.
6856912 2021/3/23 Employment Information System (commonly known as “Job-Change Brewery”)
6865942 2021/4/9 Program to support making test design document
6890795 2021/5/28 Program to improve test efficiency
6897939 2021/6/14 Program to support improving productivity
6934233 2021/8/25 Visualizing Webinar Participant Actions in a Time Series
7236711 2023/3/2 CAT exam
Trademark rights acquired
5445431 2011/10/21 CATEST
5468053 2012/2/3 Min testing
5949120 2017/5/26 RIKEI-NOU
5956167 2017/6/16 Hinshitsu University
6269327 2020/7/14 ROBOPIT!
6299982 2020/10/5
6407566 2021/6/25 TD/TEST DESIGNER
6523574 2022/3/7 SHIFT
6523729 2022/3/7 hitolog
6542745 2022/4/8 Daae (“DAAE” in Japanese)
6548673 2022/4/25 DAAE
6630847 2022/10/21 CAT exam
6658528 2023/1/4 toiro Matching

Note: Trademarks and patents are originally registered in Japanese. Trademark name and title of the inventions written above is translated by SHIFT for PR use.