We are a group of professionals in software testing (third-party assurance)

Software development and software testing require different skills. Software testing should be performed by specialized engineers. We minimize time and expense by conducting software testing from a third-party perspective, logically, and without waste.

SHIFT is a group of professionals in third-party assurance and quality assurance.

What Sets SHIFT Apart

The global IT market is worth ¥395 trillion,
while Japan’s IT market is worth ¥16 trillion.

The Japanese market for software testing
is valued at ¥5.5 trillion.*1*2

Our potential market is large.

Who performs this software testing?

  • *1. Software testing is estimated to account for 33.4% of all development processes (Software Development Data White Paper 2018-2019).
  • *2. Estimated using the revenues of companies in Japan that specialize in verification processes

Note: Size of the Japanese IT market: 2020 Basic Survey on the Information and Communications Industry (data for 2019), Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Percentage of software testing: Software Development Data White Paper 2018-2019 (The work period by work process and number of working hours is used to calculate the ratio of integration testing to comprehensive testing in new development across all sectors.)

In the software industry, developers typically handle processes up through testing.

But if developers conduct tests themselves,

SHIFT specializes in software testing.

We have engineers who excel in spotting deficiencies.

  • CAT Test examinees35,755
  • Successful examinees2,294
  • Acceptance rate6.4%

Note: The information is based on real-time survey by SHIFT.

SHIFT attracts the best quality assurance people in the industry.

Let us also compare costs.

We look at testing costs for developers and SHIFT.

Note: According to research by SHIFT

Developers typically specialize in software development.

Methodologically, it makes sense to have professionals in software testing handle that part of the operation.

The expertise we have accumulated enables us to pinpoint deficiencies. We possess the necessary methodology.

Deficiencies detected to date:676,584

Note: Real-time total based on SHIFT’s research

A honed focus means that our detection rate for deficiencies is high.

SHIFT’s Goal for the Future

Ensure that all software has “made-in-Japan” quality

SHIFT’s goal for the future is to ensure deep-rooted peace of mind, safety, and appropriate quality for a world in which IT is of growing importance.

Products verified to date:2,526

Note: Real-time total based on SHIFT’s research

We are a group of professionals in third-party assurance and quality assurance. For software testing, come to SHIFT.