Greeting by Tange, CEO and Representative Director of SHIFT

“We aim to realize a smart
society, devoid of waste.”

SHIFT transitioned its operations from business improvement consulting to software testing in 2008.
Since that time, we have operated as a group of professionals specializing
in software quality assurance.

The outsourcing of software testing was not commonplace in 2008, but I clearly remember
the moment when I realized the importance of this business, how much it could contribute to society,
and the major potential it offered. At the same time, proposing the outsourcing of software testing
went against ingrained industry practices, so not many companies were willing to listen to our ideas.
But we believed in ourselves and the value of what we were trying to achieve.
We have carried forward this spirit into the present.

Nowadays, the number of companies that utilize our quality assurance services is growing
every day across a range of industries. SHIFT aims to be an essential entity in the software
quality assurance business, as well as in software testing. Beyond that, we aim to facilitate
smooth and smart operations in a society awash with software products and services.

We aim to realize a smart society, devoid of waste.

Recognizing that today’s best practices are not forever, we aim to pursue corporate value
by contributing to society from a quality assurance perspective.

President and CEO