Service Overview

SHIFT’s software testing services divide into three categories. Data is circulated among these three areas to ensure effective operations.

1 Consulting

Software testing occurs at the end of a development project, so while it is possible to identify deficiencies, software testing cannot reduce deficiencies generated by upstream processes.
Our consulting services are based on knowledge and data acquired in testing operations. We offer a menu of consulting options for enhancing software quality. These consulting services take a comprehensive approach to help raise awareness of quality during upstream development.
Specifically, we help customers to build software testing and quality assurance systems. We assist with strategies and plans related to software testing and handle the process of designing software tests.

Broad-ranging performance across industry

The outsourcing of testing remains a relatively unexplored industry. SHIFT’s consultants propose a variety of services tailored to a company’s structure. Our support ranges across a broad range of industries, from gaming (where short cycles are the focus) to finance (quality is paramount).

2 Solutions

As part of our solutions service, we create scripts to implement tests and handle automated testing.
To maximize test efficiency, we deploy a group of test engineers who have been screened using a certification test we designed ourselves. We use CAT, a software test management tool to make visible in real time the progress on tests we have developed ourselves, as well as processes that are problems. Breaking up the work management method into micro tasks allows us to conduct software testing with a high degree of efficiency and at low cost.
Advanced software development companies are working to automate the testing process. We help these companies by producing scripts for automated testing.

CAT system

Unit Cost of Detecting Deficiencies

Note: According to research by SHIFT

Performing tests blindly can cause costs to mount up, but effectiveness is low. Applying SHIFT’s standard expertise allows us to hone in on deficiencies and conduct effective tests.

3 Quality platform

SHIFT’s quality platform incorporates the scoring of various elements. We score the skills of each of the people involved, such as the engineers who develop products, the test engineers who verify operations, and project managers. We inspect specification sheets and other documents to judge whether project structures are good or bad and how information is communicated. We score the software development environment, looking at such aspects as whether testing methodology is being skillfully deployed, and score final software products.

CAT system
CAT test
Class in session at Hinshitsu University

SHIFT imparts the quality-related knowledge it has accumulated through 3,500 projects for 1,000 clients to date in a classroom setting at Hinshitsu University. We unravel the set of skills that tests require, addressing them individually. We conduct CAT tests to evaluate test engineers. We look at information ranging from product defects for more than 650 clients to a general testing perspective, as well as providing information on deficiencies. By making the scoring of engineers’ skills visible, we plan to match engineers to appropriate companies.