Corporate Identity

We aim to be a company that drives the “made in Japan” cachet into the future as the focus moves from “how” to “what.”

The Challenges SHIFT has Set and Origin of the Company Name

During Japan’s period of high economic growth, manufacturing was robust, and the emphasis was on “how” to make products and to do so as inexpensively as possible.

Going forward, we think the focus will turn to “what” companies should make. We believe the country is experiencing a value shift—from the pursuit of GDP growth fueled by physical items to a focus on what enables people to live truly happy lives. SHIFT was established to pursue this value.

During Japan’s era of high economic growth, manufacturing had a major impact on the world, cultivating an awareness that “made in Japan” signified quality. We aim to provide the people of the world with a new sort of value derived in Japan.

SHIFT aims to be at the vanguard of this change. In the near future, SHIFT will offer a host of creative services that will meet the needs of and delight people around the world.

Corporate Logo

The logo we have used since the company’s establishment in 2005 employs a Gothic font. The overall use of italics is meant to evoke a sense of speed and motion. The connected portions on the right sides of the “S” and “F” express the idea of connecting past expertise (resources) with the future, suggesting ongoing development.

We have adopted red as our corporate color to express the daily passion with which we go about our work in the aim of becoming a leading company in the software testing and quality assurance field in Japan and overseas. The color also represents our solemn promise to take up the baton of “made in Japan” quality from manufacturing and apply it to software, again providing this quality around the world.

Please join us at SHIFT on our ongoing journey to provide new value to an increasingly happy world and continue to make advances.