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Supporting the success of services through the methodology of “Producing winning services”/ ~Contributing to the launch of Chubu Electric Power Miraiz’s EV recharging service “treev”~

Engaging in all aspects from business/brand strategy for customers
Supporting the success of services through the methodology of
“Producing winning services”

~Contributing to the launch of Chubu Electric Power Miraiz’s EV recharging service “treev”~

 SHIFT Inc. (“SHIFT,” headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Masaru Tange, CEO and Representative Director; TSE: 3697), which supports customers’ successful software services and product manufacturing, promotes the further provision of value to customers using its proprietary business development support model, “DAAE” (*1). This model supports the success of customers’ business services.
As a recent achievement, in 2023, SHIFT began drawing on DAAE for a new EV recharging business (*2) at Chubu Electric Power Miraiz Co., Inc. (“Chubu Electric Power Miraiz,” headquartered in Nagoya city, Aichi, Japan; President and Director, Hironori Kamiya) and was involved in devising business and brand strategy, developing and quality assurance of user application and administrator platform for the EV recharging service “treev”. In addition, we will continue to promote projects aimed at continuously expanding services and increasing added value.

< Features and Advantages of DAAE>
SHIFT supports our customers with solving various business and IT issues, from business system planning, development, and operation to security and marketing, as well as corporate DX promotion. SHIFT has been seeking for an unprecedented business development support model that restructures the concept and value standards of manufacturing to fit the recent DX society. With the goal of achieving “Producing winning services” for our customers, we have conceived DAAE and refined its methodology through various projects.

The value of DAAE is maximized by providing a full range of services supporting from the launch of the business model, brand strategy, system development, and marketing after the launch. We support customers’ “Producing winning services” by being involved from the business strategy phase, which determines the value of the business itself. Other remarkable feature of DAAE is our own design systems to development of products with a unique method that incorporates a semi-custom approach.

This design system has development components that can systematically provide optimum UI/UX, based on our accumulated experience with wide range of customers. This design system also enhances versatility and adaptability to actual projects, enabling prototyping development at an early stage of a project. As a result, making the best out of benefits of the semi-custom method, such as speeding up the PDCA cycles, enables us to pursue product quality that meets user needs. In addition, by working together as “ONE-SHIFT” with each specialized technology, SHIFT group drives customers’ projects seamlessly among the group companies. This is another major advantage of SHIFT Group.

<An example of DAAE framework>
Since 2023, SHIFT has participated in the project to develop EV charging business of Chubu Electric Power Miraiz. In this project, SHIFT was responsible for launching EV charging service “treev” using DAAE, and for developing the branding strategy, smartphone application for EV users, and platform for administrators, as well as quality-assurance.

In order to promote and disseminate this new service, Chubu Electric Power Miraiz believed that it is essential to build a business model based on the needs of service operators and users, and to develop a new business model based on the concept, SHIFT participated from the upstream stages of the project. We supported the launch of businesses and products that incorporate user-perspectives, by conducting market research, competitive analyses, and persona designs.In this project, we believed we were able to achieve a quick launch of the business itself and a significant shortening in the product development period, and contributed to the creation of high-quality services, including the design of service plans and UI/UX that improve ROI for this new business, convenience for EV users, and user-friendliness.
SHIFT will continue to work to further develop “treev” into a service that will continue to be highly admired and evaluated by its users while staying close to their ever-changing needs.


Mr. Taro Usui
General Manager of Carbon Neutral Promotion Division, Chubu Electric Power Miraiz Co., Inc.

The “treev” is positioned as one of our key strategies toward achieving decarbonization in Chubu Electric Power Miraiz. This was our first initiative to develop EV charging infrastructure at commercial facilities and it required us a lot of challenges to satisfy the needs of various stakeholders. By collaborating with SHIFT, “treev” service has become more familiar to customers than expected. We, as a company, will continue to strive to develop and provide attractive services, including “treev,” that flexibly respond to customer needs as EVs become more widespread in our society. With the experience and responsibility that we have accumulated through our infrastructure business, we will promote a variety of efforts to realize a decarbonizing society.

About EV Charge-Service “treev”

The “treev” provides EV charging services for EV users through charging stations installed in the parking lots owned by corporate customers. Parking lot owners can easily install recharging stations because the burden of installing stations and operating recharging services is reduced. As a comprehensive energy company, Chubu Electric Power Miraiz will contribute to the realization of a sustainable MaaS society by promoting and expanding of EVs through the spread and improvement of the convenience of recharging facilities by “treev” in this decarbonization and carbon neutrality era.
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SHIFT will keep elaborating “DAAE” to contribute to customers’ business/service expansion and will work to build a business framework with greater precision and provide services that respond flexibly to changes in the marketplace and user needs.

*1  “DAAE”, which stands for “Design,” “Agility,” “Assembly,” and “Economic Quality,” is SHIFT’s proprietary business development support model to lead customers’ new business/services to great success.

*2  [Press Release] EV Charge-service business started ~Support for the introduction of charging stand with a plan free-of-charge installation cost and monthly charge ~ (announced on February 8th, 2024, by Chubu Electric Power Miraiz Co., Inc.)


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