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Expansion of Migration Support for Large-Scale and Highly Difficult Legacy Systems / Launch of new generative AI and reverse engineering services

Expansion of Migration Support for Large-Scale and Highly Difficult Legacy Systems
Launch of new generative AI and reverse engineering services

 SHIFT Inc. (“SHIFT,” headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Masaru Tange, CEO and Representative Director; TSE: 3697), which supports customers’ successful software services and product manufacturing, has worked on numerous migration supports such as core system renewal and environment migration, and has contributed to the promotion of DX for customers, including those in the enterprise field. In order to meet the further needs of our customers and support larger and more challenging projects, we have developed a reverse engineering tool using generative AI, and have started offering a new migration support service called “AI Document Reverse Service”. We are pleased to report that we have started offering this new support service.

Background of Service Development
DX has recently become a key success factor for companies’ business growth and competitive strategies. However, the breakaway from the huge legacy systems they own and the decline in their knowledge and technological capabilities due to the shrinking workforce have stopped many companies, especially major companies in the enterprise domain, from promoting DX.

Legacy systems, including large-scale mission-critical systems, that have become obsolete, complex, and black-boxed, require enormous amounts of time and cost for the migration and the modernization due to the difficulty of designing and understanding specifications at the time of system construction. At the same time, the technology and know-how of these systems are often lost along with the departure of the engineers who have been responsible for the systems due to their individualized operation and maintenance. However, from the standpoint of accuracy and comprehensiveness, existing tools have not always met the expectations of development sites.

Therefore, SHIFT has developed a proprietary reverse engineering tool that utilizes generative AI technology, and has begun offering an “AI Document Reverse Service” that incorporates this tool into its own migration support service. The use of generative AI enables code analysis that is not dependent on the knowledge and technical skills of engineers, and achieves high productivity even with limited resources.

What is the “AI Document Reverse Service”?
This service is a new migration support service using SHIFT’s proprietary reverse engineering tool with generative AI. The tool was developed by SHIFT’s specialists in various fields, including those who are familiar with large-scale mission-critical systems in the enterprise domain or well-versed in cutting-edge IT. As a result, the knowledge and technology of generative AI, as well as the know-how of producing service, were gathered to complete the product.

Advantages of Reverse Engineering Tool Using Generative AI
This tool has three advantages that take advantage of the functionality and processing power of generative AI.

1) Creation of documents specialized for Japanese language
All documents to be created, such as flowcharts and sequence diagrams, are generated in natural Japanese without human intervention.

2) Support for a wide variety of programming languages
A wide range of languages can be supported.

3) Reproduce programs into highly accurate class diagrams, sequence diagrams, etc.
Visualize complex programs into simple and clear documents such as multi-class sequence diagrams.

This tool makes it possible to visualize various issues in development and maintenance sites and to tackle advanced migration/modernization while maintaining high project quality.

Through the provision of this service, SHIFT will contribute to the expansion of new support for customers in the financial industry, retail, logistics, other distribution industries, and local governments, which have long faced challenges while working on system migration and modernization from an early stage. In addition, we will actively provide support to customers in a wide range of industries, including the automotive and other manufacturing industries, the energy industry, and the medical industry, where DX is expected to become more prevalent in the future.

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