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The “Career Ownership Management AWARD 2024” SHIFT Received Grand Prize in the Career Transformation Category (Large Enterprise Division)

The “Career Ownership Management AWARD 2024”
SHIFT Received Grand Prize in the Career Transformation Category (Large Enterprise Division)


SHIFT Inc. (“SHIFT,” headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Masaru Tange, CEO and Representative Director) has won the Grand Prize in the Career Transformation category (Large Enterprise Division) in the “Career Ownership Management AWARD 2024”.
The winners of the award in the Career Transformation Category were companies that were taking initiatives lead to the development of discontinuous careers, such as side / dual jobs, and reskilling.

As SHIFT has continued to grow dramatically in response to the demand of society and our customers, we have recognized the improvement of employees’ skills as an important key factor directly linked to the enhancement of human capital value and, ultimately, to business growth. We also believe that it is necessary to provide “clear standards of evaluation” and “fair opportunities” for employees to take ownership of their own careers, and we have worked to create various mechanisms to improve the value of human capital, including the following.


● Goal setting and evaluation process based on clear evaluation criteria:
Visualization of human capital and fair evaluation system through our unique human resource management system “Hitolog”.

● Top Gun, a career development program that enables employees to participate voluntary and improve their skills efficiently:
An educational program that supports employees who are willing to learn to improve their market value.

● Creation of career opportunities that allow people with no experience to take on new challenges:
The “CAT Test”, which enables us to find the right person for the job, regardless of their knowledge or experience.

Based on these efforts, we have received the following comments on receiving the award.

General Comment

SHIFT was highly evaluated as a model case for its various systems and for its corporate efforts to instill a new organizational culture within the company and to be recognized outside the company as a human capital management promotion company. It was also noted that the company’s unique training system and corporate culture have resulted in an average annual salary increase of 11%* for employees, and that career ownership is linked to the market value of employees and has realized sustainable wage increases, leading to the company’s business growth. As a model company that has successfully invested resources in career ownership management, we look forward to future measures and business growth.

* Results for the year ended August 31, 2023

We believe that this award is a recognition of the thorough system we have put in place since our founding to pursue our human capital management policy, which includes the creation of a rewarding work environment for our employees, fair evaluation of achievements, and an autonomous training system.

We are honored to be recognized by so many people as a company that promotes human capital management, and we will continue to strive to be a better model case for other companies and a company that can continue to provide new value.

AboutCareer Ownership Management AWARD 2024”

-The award is sponsored by the Career Ownership Management AWARD 2024 Steering Committee, which widely invites companies aiming for “Career Ownership Management” as a practical theory to maximize human capital, and honors their activities, especially those that have produced excellent outputs and results that should be spread throughout the world. Specifically, companies that visualize, develop, or attract human resources who demonstrate career ownership, and create mechanisms and implement measures to connect the autonomous growth of individuals with the growth of the business or organization are eligible.

<Judging Criteria>
・Building new relationships between individuals and companies/organizations
・Originality and ingenuity (uniqueness)
・Notable results (quality and quantity)

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The “Career Ownership Management AWARD 2024” SHIFT Received Grand Prize in the Career Transformation Category (Large Enterprise Division)

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