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Announcement of Collaboration with SAP Japan and SAP partners

Collaboration with SAP Japan and SAP Partners
~To Support the Smooth Digital Transformation of Companies Implementing the SAP System~
Taking advantage of SHIFT’s expertise and strengths to break the way into SAP market,
which faces a shortage of human resources

SHIFT Inc. (“SHIFT,” headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Masaru Tange, CEO and Representative Director), which is engaged in software quality assurance and testing, announced to cooperate with SAP Japan Co., Ltd. (“SAP Japan,” headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Hirofumi Suzuki, President and Representative Director), which is expanding its market share in the enterprise application software market, and partner companies that are responsible for introducing and developing SAP products.

1. Background and purpose of collaboration
SAP ERP is an integrated mission-critical enterprise resource planning package (ERP) offered by SAP Japan and has a track record of numerous users, primarily major Japanese companies. Toward 2027, when its operational support is ending, the need of support for the implementation has been expanding along with the transition to the new SAP product, “S/4HANA.” As the implementation requires SAP expertized consultants and development engineers, it has been an industry-wide challenge to seek the solutions to overcome the shortage of such human resources. In order to overcome this situation, which, otherwise, is likely to lead to quality deterioration in product implementation, SAP Japan has announced the provision of an “Intelligent Enterprise Standard Solution Model.” This service enables incumbent companies that need to migrate to S/4HANA and new user companies to efficiently and effectively study, introduce, and migrate next-generation systems that support digital transformation, based on model cases.
In providing new services, SAP announced that SHIFT also participates, primarily to support PMO (Project Management Office) areas which cover various areas including data migration, in which there happens troubles frequently, comprehensive testing, acceptance testing, and the entire project management itself.

It has been long since SHIFT has organized consultants and testers specializing in SAP. As we have provided a wide range of product quality assurance, test services, and project management support, regardless of the industry, we decided to participate in these initiatives with thinking that we can contribute to the smooth project promotion without delay from implementation to operation phase for SAP user companies.

2. Specific Initiatives
SHIFT assumes to participate in projects in the following ways.
①  Responsible for project promotion, PMO support, data migration support, and comprehensive testing and acceptance testing (UAT) including both SAP and non-SAP areas, with contracting user companies as direct customers. SHIFT consultants will manage progress, address issues, and in some cases organize report lines with management, business divisions, and SAP partners, depending on the needs of individual companies.
We will also provide support for data migration, comprehensive testing and acceptance testing, when needed.

②  Collaborating with SAP Partner, responsible for the design and execution of tests, including unit, add-on, combined, and comprehensive operations.
We will participate and support depending on the situation of partner companies.

SHIFT will take full advantage of its expertise in a variety of industries, which is accumulated through nearly 1,000 SAP projects, and support SAP projects as a quality professional to promote digital transformation and migrate to S/4HANA in customers.
At the same time, with the aim of further accumulating know-how and enhancing recognition, we will continue to promote initiatives to provide value that is indispensable for the introduction and operation of SAP, which we believe would lead to accelerating the business of user companies, the growth of the SAP market and SHIFT.

The alliance will expand the range of services, but the impact on the operating results and financial position that can be confirmed at this point is expected to be minor. We will promptly disclose information if the impact becomes clear in the future.