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Announcement of an Employee Infected with COVID-19

Announcement of an Employee Infected with COVID-19

SHIFT Inc. (“SHIFT,” headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Masaru Tange, CEO and Representative Director) announced today that it has recognized an employee (using “they” to refer this employee for the latter part of this announcement) showed positive reaction to COVID-19 on July 11th, 2020.

Historical fact on this matter is followings; they began to show a symptom of a cold on July 4th. From July 5th, they began to feel discomfort with taste/ smell, but they did not have a fever of 37 degrees Celsius or more. From July 6th to 8th, they did not have a fever during the time as well, so they have kept commuting to work at the office with wearing their face masks. As they, however, recognized there was no improvement in their symptoms, they went to see a doctor on July 9th, when the doctor ordered them to conduct PCR examination. On the next day, July 10th, PCR examination was performed through a medical institution, which turned out to be positive to COVID-19 on the following day, July 11th.

This employee is currently on home care in accordance with the instructions given by a public health center. We have also identified three employees in close contact. In addition, we have identified those in secondary contact which we expanded the scope on our own, from the perspective of safety.

A person who has come into contact with the employee under the following circumstances.
– In a place with non-air circulations
– Without face masks or other infectious prevention measures
– Without taking social distance
Those who have been in contact with the employee in the situation above are ordered to stay home for at least two weeks to be monitored.
Moreover, on July 12th, SHIFT conducted a clean-up of operation spaces that the employee, those in close contact and relevant parties used, and shared public spaces. On July 13th, SHIFT received guidance from the public health center and we will promptly implement additional necessary measures.

SHIFT will further strengthen our efforts to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infections, and work to ensure the safety and health of our employees, their families, customers, and partners in a flexible and timely manner. In concrete, redefining our standards for commuting, raising awareness through e-learning, and strengthening our management system are some of important tasctics that SHIFT will work on. As stated before, SHIFT will continue to place top priority on ensuring the safety of our customers, employees and others, and respond appropriately in cooperation with related departments.

SHIFT very much appreciates your understanding.


Tomohiro Oka
Section Manager, Management Administration Division