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Signed a Reseller Contract for Sider Scan, an AI-equipped Bug Monitoring Software Developed by Sider Corporation

Signed a Reseller Contract for Sider Scan, an AI-equipped Bug Monitoring Software Developed by Sider Corporation
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SHIFT Inc. (“SHIFT,” headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Masaru Tange, CEO and Representative Director) announced today that it has concluded a reseller contract for Sider Scan, an AI-equipped bug monitoring software developed by Sider Corporation (“Sider,” headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Aki Asahara, CEO), which updates software quality through technology. Through this reseller contract, SHIFT and Sider will further work to support the software development with higher quality and more efficiency.

1. Background of the Reseller Contract
Sider Scan is a bug monitoring tool that utilizes proprietary algorithm. With Sider Scan, engineers can write source codes while simultaneously detecting duplicate codes*1 that tend to be bugs from the codes. In general, duplicate codes are quite difficult to solve in software quality so that they are even explained as “Duplication may be the root of all evil in software*2.” In addition, even if the codes are working as expected when it is first generated, it is likely to cause bugs when updates happen or functions are added. Moreover, those bugs caused by duplicate codes are often overlooked in code review by human beings.

In response to these issues, SHIFT, which has built direct relations with a wide range of customers, regardless of industry concluded the reseller contract for Sider Scan. With this contract, SHIFT will be able to propose Sider Scan to more engineers who recognize issues with quality.

SHIFT also believes that Sider Scan will work very effectively in large-scale DX projects, including migration projects*3.
Therefore, as SHIFT has a particularly large number of customers who are promoting large-scale projects and migration projects, it has decided to conclude this contract for Sider Scan’s high compatibility with its customers. SHIFT will propose Sider Scan depending on a situation of each customer and work to solve customers’ quality issues more efficiently. Sider Scan is extremely unique among the static analysis tools*4 and possesses patent-pending technologies. Receiving feedback from many people is a very important step in developing such a highly useful tool into the tool that can become de facto standards for software development in the future. SHIFT will also contribute to improving Sider Scan while spreading it to more engineers as a reseller.

Since before the conclusion of this contract, SHIFT and Sider have built good relationships, such as co-performances in webinars. Taking this reseller contract as a big opportunity, the two companies will work to collaborate in a wide range of fields and work to build even stronger relationships so that they can leverage each other’s strengths. In addition, SHIFT will continue to improve the quality and the efficiency of software development in order to realize a “smart society without unnecessary disruption.”

*1 Duplicate codes are a block of codes that have the same features, but not been aggregated into “function,” “class,” and so on. In general, duplicate codes are considered to be vulnerable to changes and extensions. For example, if a duplicate code is revised or corrected, not only the target code must be revised directly, but also all related duplicate codes must be detected and determined whether the same correction is required for each one. Sider Scan also has the ability to detect and evaluate duplicate codes that are not yet bugs, as well as bugs that need to be corrected.

*2 “Duplication may be the root of all evil in software.”, The Robert C. Martin Clean Code Collection, by Robert C. Martin

*3 The English term “migration” is used to refer to projects that involve migration of computer systems or data, such as when an on-premises system reliant on conventional hardware is replaced by a cloud-based system. Usually, migration projects involve not only the construction of the new cloud-based system, but also the migration of the data on the existing system.

*4 Static analysis tool indicates tools that detect bugs in the source code.

2. About Sider
Sider Corporation was spun off in 2019 from Fixstars Corporation, a global leader in software acceleration services, as a product-development company in the software development field. Since its inception in 2002, Fixstars has provided powerful software acceleration solutions to global companies and research institutions in a variety of areas, including automated driving, quantum computing, medical devices, financial system and computer graphics. Leveraging the experience of these client projects, Sider Corporation provides “Sider,” an automated code review service, and “Sider Scan,” an unmodified bug detection solution. Sider will realize a world in which AI and people work together to develop products and improve the development experience of all engineers. For more information, please refer to

3. Future Outlook
SHIFT expects that this contract would have no material impact on its financial results and financial condition, although it will disclose an impact on its future financial outlook regarding the aforementioned contract as soon as possible, when there happens a drastic change in its situation.


Taichi Hattori
Director and CFO