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Participated in the Japan Reskilling Consortium, to Work Together with the Public and Private Sectors on Reskilling

Participated in the Japan Reskilling Consortium,
to Work Together with the Public and Private Sectors on Reskilling

SHIFT Inc. (“SHIFT,” headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Masaru Tange, CEO and Representative Director) announced today that it participated in the Japan Reskilling Consortium (lead manager: Google Japan; sponsored by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Digital Agency, etc.) as a reskilling partner, which aims to update the skills of all people throughout Japan and to create a society where everyone can play an active role.
With this participation, SHIFT will contribute to the development of digital talents by providing skill-up courses at Hishitsu University, an educational institution in SHIFT, and creating reskilling opportunities for as many people as possible who are aiming to update their careers and skills.

※Reskilling: letting/making people acquire necessary skills to enter new occupations or to adapt to significant changes in the skills required in current occupations. (Source: METI/RECRUIT Works Institute)

1. Reason for the participation
In Japan, the decline in the labor population due to the declining birthrate and aging population, the digital gap between rural areas and urban areas, and between large companies and SMEs, and the shortage of digital talents are major issues. On the other hand, the acceleration of digitization through the promotion of DX has made them increasingly necessary to acquire diverse skills, mainly in digital areas such as security and data analytics. Therefore, there is a growing interest in reskilling to learn and re-learn new knowledge and skills.
SHIFT has focused on recruiting and developing non-IT personnel with the aim of not only breaking down the multi-subcontracting structure in Japanese IT industry and improving the treatment of engineers and working conditions, but also solving the shortage of IT human resources. In addition, SHIFT develops and provides unique training services to develop IT human resources who can acquire high-quality test/management skills and ensure quality even in a short period of time and even with a small number of people. That is why SHIFT has come to participate as a reskilling partner with the empathy that the Japan Reskilling Consortium aims to “build an inclusive society where anyone can pursue their own possibilities anytime and anywhere and foster and utilize diverse human resources.”

2. Reskilling program that SHIFT will offer
SHIFT decided to provide support through the Hinshitsu University, training institution program. This program offers skill-improvement courses to all engineers involved in software quality assurance. SHIFT will provide mainly “Introductory Course” for new employees, those who will be involved in development, development beginners, and test design beginners, and support to enhance and improve practical skills.

Hinshitsu University Web Website

3. What is Reskilling Consortium
Japan Reskilling Consortium is a new initiative in which the national government, local governments, and private-sector companies work together to “Reskilling,” through which updates the skills of everyone in Japan, regardless of region, gender, or age. To ensure that people throughout the country continue to learn, it has training programs provided by a wide variety of companies, as well as creating job matching opportunities for a wide range of areas, such as job placement support, side jobs, freelance jobs, and part-time jobs.

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