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Announcement of Acquisition of TRUST BRAIN Co., Ltd.

Announcement of Acquisition of TRUST BRAIN Co., Ltd.

SHIFT Inc. (“SHIFT,” headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Masaru Tange, CEO and Representative Director) announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Baristride Group Inc. (“Baristride Group,” headquartered in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Shoji Hatakeyama, Representative Director and President) decided to acquire a 100% equity interest in TRUST BRAIN Co., Ltd. (“TRUST BRAIN,” headquartered in Kobe-shi, Hyogo, Japan; Kenji Tamura, Representative Director), a provider of software development for medical sector and solutions for operation and distributing sector.
Note: Baristride Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SHIFT.
Note: Baristride Group owns a 100% equity of ALH Inc. (“ALH,” headquartered in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Shoji Hatakeyama, Representative Director) which provides IT solutions through its subsidiaries including ALH and plans to facilitate collaboration between ALH and TRUST BRAIN.

1. Reason for the acquisition
ALH is a group company of SHIFT and develops software development businesses. ALH has been achieving high growth by increasing the number of engineers through aggressive recruitment activities, raising the unit price of engineer, and improving employee satisfaction through the development of various human resources measures. In addition, as ALH has built a robust supply system by strengthening recruitment activities, it now aims to build a new customer base for further growth.

TRUST BRAIN provides development business focused on the medical, operations, and logistics sectors. Within the industry that it provides services, it has built strong relationships with a wide range of customers and possess deep knowledge especially in medical sector. At the same time, against the backdrop of the recent intense recruitment environment, it is facing challenges in mid-career recruitment.

By working with TRUST BRAIN, ALH will work to expand into the medical sector, where ALH is not currently able to build a customer base. TRUST BRAIN, which faces challenges in mid-career recruitment against the backdrop of intense recruitment environment, will also work to strengthen mid-career recruitment by utilizing its brand-name recruitment as the SHIFT Group. In addition, by collaborating with ALH’s customer base in a wide range of industries, TRUST BRAIN can also work to develop new customers that it is currently not expanding into, and work to grow further.

Having TRUST BRAIN on board, ALH and the SHIFT Group will continue to accelerate their growth. As the group, the SHIFT Group will continue to strive to increase the value of our services and support “creating software services and products that sell.”

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