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Announcement of the Personnel of Directors

Announcement of the Personnel of Directors

At the meeting of the Board of Directors held today, we made the following informal decisions on directors personnel.
In addition, the Board of Directors is scheduled to resolve other personnel affairs of directors in late October, and will disclose them once they are resolved.

1. Director candidates dated November 25, 2020
(1) To be newly appointed

[Name] [Former position] [New position]
Michio Sasaki Outside Director and Audit & Supervisor Committee Member Director and Vice President
Takafumi Murakami Outside Director
Tetsujiro Nakagaki Outside Director Outside Director and Audit & Supervisor Committee Member

※ Mr. Michio Sasaki was selected as a director of the Audit & Supervisor Committee Member at the 14th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders and his term is expected to continue until the conclusion of the 16th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders. However, on November 25, 2020, he intends to resign for Outside Director  and Audit & Supervisor Committee Member.

(2) To be retired

[Name] [Title]
Shigeru Matsuo Director, Vice President and CFO

2. Brief history of a candidate for Outside Director

Name Takafumi Murakami
Date of birth August 16, 1978
Biography April. 2003 Joined Goldman Sachs (Japan) Ltd. (current Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd.)
July. 2017 Founded Signifiant Inc, became Representative Director (current position)
March. 2020 Outside Director, bellFace Inc. (current position)


Tomohiro Oka
Section Manager, Management Administration Division