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Announcement of the Cumulative Number of Defects Detected Reaching One Million

Announcement of the Cumulative Number of Defects Detected Reaching One Million

SHIFT is pleased to announce that the cumulative number of defects detected in SHIFT’s software testing business has reached one million.
In 2009, SHIFT dramatically changed the strategy to develop a software testing as its core business. To date, SHIFT has connected with more than 1,400 customers, and have committed to much more than 3,000 projects to solve IT-related issues centered on “quality.”

SHIFT is proud that the number of defects detected, one million, is the number that SHIFT has contributed to producing better products of customers and provided safety to many users and the society that has evolved through IT. Also, it is this act of accumulation in each of project that is placed at the core of the current SHIFT, where it is able to develop a broad range of businesses in a variety of areas. SHIFT firmly believes that this result could not have achieved without its employees’ continuous efforts to sincerely and honestly deal with “software testing.”

While this is merely a milestone in SHIFT’s growth process, SHIFT would love to reiterate its daily appreciation to its customers, shareholders, employees and their families, and many other stakeholders who have deeply understood and supported its business, services and various initiatives.

SHIFT believes in the further development of the Japanese IT industry and about 10 years ago, determined that its mission would be to resolve industry issues that need to be resolved for a better future. Since then, SHIFT have continued to work closely with companies who have been transforming along with the change of needs from society and technological evolution and look for measures to resolve quality issue.

Going forward, SHIFT will continue to step into new business areas with collaborating with its group companies, while at the same time renewing it minds to provide a reliable foundation such as security and safety to the IT community.


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