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Announcement of an Employee Infected with COVID-19

Announcement of an Employee Infected with COVID-19

SHIFT Inc. (“SHIFT,” headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Masaru Tange, CEO and Representative Director) announced today that it has recognized an employee showed positive reaction to COVID-19 on April 4th, 2020.

Historical fact on this matter is; on March 30th, they had a fever and consulted with a doctor; on April 2nd, they conducted RCP testing, which showed positive reaction on April 4th. During the whole period from March 30th, they has been staying home, following medical instruction. Fortunately, the employee, who has infection with COVID-19, is getting recovery.

SHIFT has already completed with a survey from a public health center and received a letter to confirm that there was no one in close contact with them, among all of its customers, partners and employees. Moreover, the whole area, where they uses to work, was cleaned with a specialized institution on April 5th, although it was not required by the public health center.

SHIFT has been conducting various of tactics below, to protect its employees and stakeholders from being infected by COVID-19, to prevent outbreak within the offices, and to prepare for the remote work. It will put the very first priority on safety and health condition of employees and their families, customers and partners, to conduct flexible and agile further approaches, as well as reinforcingly implement tactics below.

Strongly encouraged our employees to wash their hands and to gargle before the entrance into office.

– Thoroughly managed our employees’ health condition by mandating them to measure their temperatures and report online, every morning.
– Approved flexible working hours to let our employees avoid commuting in rush hours, when trains are usually packed with many and unspecified people.
– Strongly recommended that our employees refrain from holding large meetings or events in which several people gather, and place phone/ online meeting alternatively.
– Approved some employees to work remotely, if they want to because of their family situation or others.
– Had every PC installed with by far strong security system, to protect confidential information of our customers even when remote work.
– Structured productivity management system to sustain our employees’ output quality, even when remote work.

In addition to the tactics above, SHIFT has introduced remote work from April 6th, within those who have approval from our customers, to work remotely.

Note that SHIFT expects this would have no material impact on its financial results and financial situation.

SHIFT will, repeatedly to say, put the first priority on the safety of all of its stakeholders, to make appropriate decisions. SHIFT very much appreciates your understanding.


Tomohiro Oka
Section Manager, Management Administration Division
Phone: +81-3-6809-1165