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Announcement of Acquisition of Manage Business Co., Ltd.

Announcement of Acquisition of Manage Business Co., Ltd.

SHIFT Inc. (“SHIFT,” headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Masaru Tange, CEO and Representative Director) announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, SHIFT Growth Capital (“SGC,” headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Taichi Hattori, Representative Director) decided to acquire a 100% equity interest in Manage Business Co., Ltd. (“Manage Business,” headquartered in Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Shigeru Himono, Representative Director and President), a provider of system infrastructure operation, system integration, digital business solutions and product development.

1. Reason for the acquisition
Manage Business, which is joining SHIFT Group, has high-level technical capabilities and earns positive reputations on its technologies such as “IT Encouragement Award (for Solving Social Issues)” at “2021 IT Award” held by Japan Institute of Information Technology. Manage Business has a wide range of customers, from major IT companies to government agencies, research institutions at universities, with a focus on development, maintenance, and operation projects. Manage Business has also developed a variety of services, including the provision of custom development for medical institutions and schools. In particular, making no mistake is taken for granted in “operation” as same as in software testing. SHIFT believes that one of Manage Business’s major strengths is that it has a long and diverse track record in operation projects, in that it requires a different talent from software development. Other characteristics of Manage Business are that it has a stable customer base and many ongoing projects, and its utilization rate is high.

Meanwhile, Manage Business is facing challenges in further recruiting engineers who can be project leaders and expanding the business under the recent intensifying recruitment environment. By participating in the SHIFT Group, Manage Business aims to strengthen its service-supply capabilities and expand its business while leveraging the recruitment and sales capabilities of the SHIFT Group. Manage Business will also work to strengthen its business administration system by collaborating with the SHIFT Group.

The SHIFT Group will strengthen its servicing system by having Manage Business on board with an extensive track record in the field of “development-to-operation.” Manage Business will not only work to strengthen recruitment capabilities, but also aim to further increase unit prices by participating in projects that the SHIFT Group has and capturing new values. The SHIFT Group will further enhance the value of its services and continue to strive to “support customers to create products and software services that can be sold “in an integrated manner.

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Announcement of Acquisition of Manage Business Co., Ltd.