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Announcement of Acquisition of HumanSystem Co., Ltd.

Announcement of Acquisition of HumanSystem Co., Ltd.

SHIFT Inc. (“SHIFT,” headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Masaru Tange, CEO and Representative Director) announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, SHIFT Growth Capital (“SGC,” headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Taichi Hattori, Representative Director) decided to acquire a 100% equity interest in HumanSystem Co., Ltd. (“HumanSystem,” headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Emi Yunokawa, Representative Director), a provider of customers’ various system development, technical support and consulting services, infrastructure construction, and Web production and design services.

1.Reason for the acquisition
HumanSystem possesses advanced development and technological capabilities in developing systems, providing related support, and building infrastructures in a wide range of industries. HumanSystem is actively involved in the development of large-scale software products/services in collaboration with major SIer (system integrators), which are its main customers, and its development capabilities are highly regarded.

In addition, under a management policy that emphasizes “people,” HumanSystem is working to create an environment in which engineers work, with the aim of dispelling negative industry images such as “The job of system development is no cash and there is no private life.” In recognition of these activities, HumanSystem has become a company certified as a Tokyo Metropolitan Government for Work-Life Balance, and have received a number of awards, including “Ikiiki Workplace” and “Empowerment Grand Prize” for promoting the active participation of women.

Meanwhile, against the backdrop of the recent intensification of recruitment conditions, HumanSystem, which face challenges in recruiting talented engineers and further business expansion, will aim to strengthen service-supply capabilities and expand business by leveraging SHIFT’s strengths in recruitment through the recent participation of SHIFT Group.

The SHIFT Group has several group companies with strengths in the development field, and the demand for software development is also expanding, as development needs derived from software quality assurance and upstream consulting are expanding and cross-selling among group companies is accelerating due to the strengthening of each group company’s business. By welcoming HumanSystem, the SHIFT Group believes that the Group will be able to further strengthen its development capabilities and expand its responsiveness while expanding its customer base mutually in collaboration with SHIFT and SHIFT’s Group companies.

The SHIFT Group will also work together to improve the work environment for engineers in IT industries, support engineers’ career advancement and technological capability improvement, while sharing management policies that value “people.”

With HumanSystem as a group, the SHIFT Group will further strengthen its cohesion and accelerate its growth. As the group, the SHIFT Group will continue to strive to increase the value of our services and support “creating software services and products that sell.”

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